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July 16 2014, 7am

...1 week ago

Question to Shellshock Readers

Hey guys! ‘u’ Just wondering, I planned on doing special covers for every chapter as the story is nearing its final ten[ish] chapters. But, as some might have notives, that also means that they are released at a much slower pace than they could be. [Painting takes time!]

So my question is: Do you want the next few chapters with special covers or have them released at a faster pace?


July 11 2014, 5pm

...2 weeks ago

theacelombax replied to your post
I love your art, too! I still remember very fondly that Captain Slag piece you did, with this awesome greeny-brown colour scheme that made him appear really ghostly and eerie. You’ve got real talent :)
Thank you, that’s so sweet of you >u< I’m glad when someone likes my artwork. I’ve got my little niche of people who like my stuff, so I am very happy!

July 11 2014, 4pm

...2 weeks ago

Hey, sorry that one of your requesters didn't appreciate your art. I think your work is amazing, if it makes you feel any better. I can't believe someone would actually be that inconsiderate though, after you went through all the trouble of making it.

Gosh, that’s sweet of you ‘u’ No, I’ve made some bad experiences with requests before long ago and decided I’d never do request again. In the end I wanted to give it another go, but sadly this kind of thing happened again. This is the main reason why I usually only do commissions, because I don’t want to waste my free time on anything that won’t get appreciated or out of which I won’t get anything.


July 11 2014, 3pm

...2 weeks ago

2 or 9 with Angela Cross (R&C) please :3

Sorry, I won’t take any more requests. :( Reason for that is that again, a requester wasn’t happy with the end product, and didn’t even have the courtesy to like or appreciate the picture. Thus, I’ll finish off the last two that were in the making, and then I’ll no longer take requests.